Over-the-air software updates for embedded Linux devices

Mender is an open source tool for updating your embedded devices safely and reliably

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Mender 1.2 beta is now available! Read more

Avoid recalls and patch security vulnerabilities for embedded Linux IoT devices

Full image updates

Full image updates

Image-based updates using a dual A/B rootfs partition layout with rollback support

Management server

Management server

Manage and see reports of deployments with the intuitive UI or REST APIs

Open source

Open source

Apache License 2.0, end-to-end from server to client

Yocto Project integration

Yocto Project integration

Easily integrate Mender into your devices using the meta-mender layer

Introducing Mender 1.1


  • Signing and verification of image artifacts for authenticity
  • Device decomissioning
  • Yocto Project version 2.3 (pyro) support in meta-mender
  • Rootfs rollback support
  • Secure TLS communication between client/server

Easy-to-use interface

  • Device status at a glance
  • Group your devices for controlled rollout management
  • Create deployments and roll out updates over-the-air to your devices
  • See the progress in the dashboard and view reports when complete

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Watch our 3 minute video demonstration of the Mender user interface

Atomic updates with built-in rollback is a key requirement. We need to make sure our devices continue to work with automated rollback if the update didn't take for any reason. Mender provided that crucial capability.

Joel Hermanns, CIO of gridX

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Why Mender?

Ease of use

Better than homegrown

Mender removes the vast effort of building and maintaining a homegrown solution or cobbling together an assortment of tools. Focus on your product. Leave OTA updates to us.

User friendly

Mender comes with extensive documentation, an intuitive UI, and a test environment where you can deploy your first update within 1 hour.

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High quality

Mender has more than 70% test coverage and a growing open source community that is continuously testing, reviewing and improving the product.

Avoid bricked devices

Automated rollback support so your devices will always come back online, even in cases of power loss or data corruption while the update is being deployed.


Built from the ground up with security in mind, Mender enforces secure HTTPS connections and has zero open ports on the embedded device.


Open source

No vendor lock-in

Mender is the only end-to-end OTA tool with both the server and client open source (Apache 2.0), giving you flexibility and freedom.

No rip-and-replace

There is no full-platform, OS or toolchain rip and replace - integrate Mender into your existing development workflow.

Support & services

The Mender management server and client is fully open source and free to use.

If your devices have strict uptime requirements, or if fast problem-resolution is a priority, Mender offers subscription support in order to help you quickly resolve any questions or issues that arise.

Mender also provides professional services to get you off the ground with automated OTA updates quickly.

Learn more about support and services

Support starts at


per month for up to 100 devices

*per-device discounts available. Contact for a quote

Latest blog

Mender 1.2 beta: scripting support!

9th Aug 2017

Mender 1.2.0 beta is here and ready for you to try out!

The key features are covered below below, and you can see the detailed items in the release notes in the documentation.

State scripts


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Next event

Joint webinar with Toradex on secure over-the-air updates for embedded devices

Friday, September 29th, 2017

In this joint webinar, we will discuss some of the considerations in designing an update system. We will cover best approaches for safely deploying over-the-air (OTA) software updates for IoT devices without downtime or service disruption on a Toradex Colibri iMX7 SoM, powered by the NXP i.MX 7 processor, with raw NAND.


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